Qualitative and Quantitative Fit Testing

What is face fit testing?

Face fit testing is a method used to ensure a tight-fitting face mask (RPE respiratory protection equipment) is sealing against the wearers face to significantly reduce their exposure to any airborne hazard. As we do not all have the same shape / size face, we cannot assume a mask is providing adequate protection unless it has undergone a face fit test. As an employer, if any employee needs to wear a tight-fitting mask, this is a legal requirement, and as an employee it provides reassurance they are protected.

Why choose Cavity fit testing? 

We have experience in face fit testing, and we have Fit2Fit accredited fit testers in our team. Meaning our methods have been checked and confirmed with best practice for face fit testing in line with the BSIF and HSE. Good knowledge and technique are essential when conducting a fit test, poor execution could result in employees being exposed to dangerous hazards causing serious health conditions.

We have fit testers based right across the UK and can come to your premises to fit test you and your employees, or you can come to our premises.

Fit2Fit accredited RPE fit test provider

Fit Testing with Cavity


Qualitative fit testing (QLFT) is a pass/fail test based on the wearer’s subjective assessment of any leakage through the face seal region by detecting the introduction of bitter- or sweet-tasting aerosol as a test agent. QLFT methods are suitable for disposable and reusable half masks; they are not suitable for full-face masks. Although this type of test is based on subjective detection and response by the wearer of the RPE, it is important that it is administered by a fit tester competent in using this method.

Our experienced dental team, with a wealth of dental experience are now delighted to be able to offer a fit test service for FFP3 , FFP2 and FFP1 masks.

Using the 3M qualitative testing kit, we are able to arrange appointments at your practice to fit test your staff, with your own masks.

As we know, no two faces are the same and often we find, not one style “fits all” we have a variety of masks, we can also “fit test ” your team with, if you need alternatives. You will be able to buy a small supply on the day to get your team under way, being able to then source from your preferred consumables supplier thereafter.

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Fit Testing with Cavity


Quantitative face fit testing eliminates the guesswork associated with error-prone qualitative fit test methods. Using the PortaCount Pro Respirator Fit Tester 8030 fit tester, we can now quantitatively fit test so many types of respirators – gas masks, SCBAs, respirators. If the mask requires fit testing, count on the PortaCount Pro fit tester to provide the fastest and easiest HSE (UK) and OSHA (US)-compliant fit test method.

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quantitative testing in action


The following are FAQ’s to help with any queries you may have regarding fit testing, but please feel free to contact us if you need further information.

  • Why Cavity for fit testing?

    We have 20 trained and experienced fit testers plotted across the country to provide you with a personalised and professional service covering all of your fit testing needs. We have years of experience in face fit testing, and we have Fit2Fit accredited fit testers in our team.

  • How much is qualitative and quantitate fit testing?

    £50 including vat plus any mask purchase – or bring your own.

    Or arrange for one of our fully trained team to come to you – prices start from £170 (3-4 people) plus vat

  • Can you come to our practice for fit testing?

    We believe we can offer a great personal service direct to your business. Prices start at £170 to come to you. Contact us for prices and to get booked in.

  • When are your appointments at your Reading office?

    We hold fit testing appointments every Tuesday. The initial test is £50.00 (inc VAT) and any additional tests, on the same person £20.00 (inc VAT). Book your appointment now at our covid safe Head Office by filling in the enquiry form below.

  • Do you have fit testing kits available to purchase?

    You can hire our fit test kits for just £75 plus VAT for one week, or purchase at £220.20 including VAT and postage.

  • What fit testing products do you have available?

    You can hire or purchase our fit test kits, masks and accessories. A breakdown of our products can be found here. 

  • What courses do you have available?

    Train the Tester Course

    This course is designed to provide you with knowledge, confidence and experience necessary to effectively carry out your own qualitative face fit testing on disposable and reusable half face respirators under the careful eye of our accredited fit testers.

    Train the Tester Refresher and RPE Inspection Course

    This course is suitable for people who have passed training with a few months experience to have a refresher. Improve your knowledge and stay up to date with the latest in fit testing.

  • How much are the courses?

    Price: £175.00 each (or £300 if both courses are booked together)

    Book them either back to back or we recommend a month or two after you have had some practical experience ‘in the field’ and return to hone your skills and knowledge.

What our customers say

I really enjoyed yesterday training. I have learnt so much! Sarah and Lisa were amazing with the training, it was not boring at all! And thank you so much for the training kits.

The fit test training was great and it also helped me feel more confident donning my FFP3 mask correctly.

Sara & Jasmine recently attended my practice to complete fit testing on me and my team and I found the whole experience very professional and very informative. I was watching both Sara and Jasmine and learnt so much from them. They are both lovely and very professional ladies and I felt comfortable with the fit test. Thank you.

Got a question?

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Alternatively, phone Lisa on 0118 4023795 or Sarah on 0118 9079875.

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